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Maggio 5, 2024

From Train Station to Pilastri 55


TAXI: It will take you directly to your accommodation in about 8 minutes.
WALKING: 20 minutes with comfortable luggage.

If you use the bus, you need to purchase a ticket.
The ticket cost is €1.70 and will be valid for 90 minutes.
You can buy it from the automatic ticket machine outside the station, on the TRAMVIA platform. Remember to validate it as soon as you board.
Alternatively, you can pay directly with the contactless payment system on the bus. If you choose this method, remember to tap your card each time you change buses to validate the ticket.

Exit the S.M. Novella train station from the left side and along the road that runs alongside the station, you will find the “STAZIONE PIAZZA ADUA” bus stop. Board bus 6 (direction Novelli). This bus has an average frequency of about 10 minutes. Get off at the stop on Via della Colonna (FERMA COLONNA LICEO MICHELANGELO) and continue on foot for about 4 minutes.

Exit the S.M. Novella train station from the right side and head to the nearby street “VIA DEGLI ORTI ORICELLARI”.
Use this bus only if you are traveling with small luggage because it has a capacity of only 20 people and is heavily used by commuters, so you may not be able to board. It has an average frequency of 15/20 minutes; get off at the “GHIBELLINA PEPI” stop and then continue on foot for 5 minutes.

Tuscan bus lines can assist you with schedules.

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